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The Grace House - Chesterfield

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About The Grace House

The Grace HouseThe Grace House - Chesterfield is a shared living transitional house located in Chesterfield. The unique design of our home allows the residents freedom to enjoy their home both inside and out.

A residential home located in a beautiful peaceful quiet setting. The house accommodates up to four individual people including one mother with one child. Each resident is assigned their own bedroom that allows for privacy. Meal times can be shared in a large warm kitchen area. One of these bedrooms which have a ½ bathroom will be shared by two adults. The charges range from $425.00-$495.00 per month for the program fees (rent). The residents are allowed to remain in the house for up to 24 months and than they must transition out.

We pride ourselves on providing for our residents a friendly, secure and positive environment.

Features and Services


  • Clean and well furnished cheerful rooms
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Full House Privileges
  • Fenced back yard
  • Conveniently located