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More than 21 years ago, I was a confused, battered, and a broken young woman with a small child to care for. AROS INC. & The Grace House (TGH) was only a vision in my head. When I was dealing with domestic violence and other issues, I was not aware of any help available, not like it is today. My abuser was extremely abusive and I felt I had nowhere to turn. I founded TGH in 2006 to provide a place where women can move from hopelessness and helplessness to a better beginning. This is the passion and mission beyond the walls of TGH which also offers supportive services. We advocate for all women who need safe housing. Not all the women that live at TGH have experienced domestic violence; they may be challenged with other issues.

AROS INC. is a non-profit violence prevention outreach program we also manages a transitional home for homeless single women and women with child (ren) in need. Often these women come from an environment of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other related issues. Their commonality is that they all seek recovery in a safe haven. Women may stay at the home for up to 24 months.


Women in transition look a lot like the mothers, sisters, and friends we interact with everyday. When faced with a crisis, they may spiral into poverty and depression because they lack support during a critical juncture in their lives. Oftentimes, women flee abusive situations with only the clothes on their backs. When shelter is not available, they end up living in their cars or unsafe places (hotels, on the street, etc.) with their children or return to an abusive and/or unsupportive environment.

AROS, INC. (Andrea Robert Outreach Services) would like to extend an opportunity to ask for your assistance in a joint effort in advocating for change in the lives of women in transition with their children or as a single person.

TGH is attempting to meet that need by providing a safe and supportive environment for women and women with children. We need your help and assistance to ensure that AROS. continues to provide services for women in need. We believe we can make a positive impact in the lives of these families. Since opening of TGH, we have received numerous referrals and calls for women needing a place to live while in transition. Currently, we are helping these families get a fresh start and realize their goal of achieving self-efficiency.

AROS, INC. receives no government funding; we rely solely on contributions to help meet the operating expenses of TGH. At present, the only monies received are based on the women’s ability to pay. We depend entirely on the generous support of concerned individuals, businesses, civic organizations, churches, and foundations.

If you are interested in helping AROS, INC. you can do so in one or more of the following ways:

  • Regular contributions of $10.00 or more are greatly appreciated

· In-Kind donations of toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothing, laundry detergent, etc. are important to our program.

  • $495.00 will provide for one bed for one month

  • $5940.00 will provide for one bed for one year

  • We also welcome donations of your time and talents, please contact us to discuss volunteer opportunities.

We are a tax-exempt organization; your monetary contributions to help are completely tax-deductible. Donations can be either cash or checks (make checks payable to AROS, INC.). You can also make donations by logging into our website, look for the link “The Grace House, You Can Help”.

We would love to come and share with you more information about AROS Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization & The Grace House programs and services or please visit our website.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Andrea Robert
Executive Director & Founder
P.O. Box 35967
Richmond, VA 23235
(804) 267-1882 ph
(804) 267-1998 fax


This article was published March 27, 2007 in the Community Weekly. Visit them online at